10 second update

So, it’s been pretty hectic for everyone, which is why there has been no follow up post until now.

As part of my new life as a PhD student, I’m teaching two different postgrad subjects. They’re both great and super relevant to my research interests, so yay!


The short story is, we’ve been working since February to ensure students stuck overseas would still be able to join classes – and that’s great – but since then we’ve had to move everything online. It’s been… educational. I’m blessed my uni is taking the threat of covid-19 seriously, and they we’ve been supporting both students and staff. It’s wonderful to see.

But also, I think, so far not that bad. I’d really love to ask my students how they feel about it, since we had a few classes face to face and now we’re entirely online. I’m sure it will be a question in the survey they send out to students at the end of semester. Let’s see what they all say then.

In the meantime, I’m almost on top of it so I should be able to update on my PhD progress in the not too distant future. I’ve got some ideas now for my theoretical framework that I’d love to share with you all :)

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