Detailed info on Participating in my Research

Originally, this was in another post where you could also register. I’ve split it out to make that page a little neater….

Well, I was planning on keeping this blog active over 2020, but you know, the pandemic happened and everything got thrown into a real claymore-style mess.

HOWEVER… I know some people have found this here blog from various social media posts shared by awesome people, and may have been pointed here regarding my call for participants for my research project. So I thought I’d add some details here…

(P.S. FULL details are in a Participant Information Statement that you’ll be sent if you sign up to participate)

The What, Who, When, Where, How and Why of participating in my research

Pablo Escabar meme showing a lonely Pablo in three places with text overlay "Agata waiting for research participants to roll in"
Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?
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Want to be part of my social media research?

You’ve probably found your way here because someone told you about my rather cool research into how young adults use social media, especially when we come up against the algorithm….

Left panel shows room on fire with a dog calmly sitting in it with overlay text "Social Media Algorithms deciding what you see". Right panel has the god saying "this is fine" in the burning room.
Fine and Dandy.

A detailed overview is available over on this post that you should really read before registering below.

If you decided to put your hand up, you’ll also get the shiny offical Participant Information Statement (PIS) that *really* gets into the project details.

But if you’re a) an Australian citizen or permanent resident, b) between 18-30 years of age, c) use social media and d) are ready to go, you can register using the form below, or use it to ask a question about participating. I’ll get in contact with you from there and organise the initial meeting.

Once you complete the full 5 interviews, I’ll send over a AUD $50 e-gift card as a thank you (your choice of either an Apple App Store & iTunes gift card or a Google Play gift card).

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